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Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are becoming quite popular in Australian society. People hold Renewal of Vows ceremonies for a number of reasons. For instance, their original wedding may have been a low-key affair due to the absence of family and friends; or one or both parties to the marriage is suddenly sent overseas with the armed forces, leaving no time to organise a big wedding. Some may not have had the funding to afford the wedding they originally wanted, but many years down the track, find they are now able to. Others just want to reaffirm their love for one another after many years of marriage, such as on a special anniversary.

Whatever the reason is, a Renewal of Vows Ceremony can be just as beautiful as a Wedding Ceremony, without all the legalities! They can be held anywhere, anytime and can be a wonderful excuse to get all those friends together you haven't seen for years!

I can provide you with the use of a signing table, chairs, cloth and attractive pen, plus the use of a PA system (with built-in USB & bluetooth facilities) for your favourite songs - you are more than welcome to provide your own music. The happy couple will also receive a Renewal of Vows Certificate and Presentation Copy of their ceremony, along with a token gift.

My fee for a Renewal of Vows ceremony, within 30 kms of Toowoomba, is $550. (Rehearsals are extra.)

Colin and Roswitha (Rose) (pictured) renewed their marriage vows at home in January 2014, along with their three grown children (and spouses), seven grandchildren and several close friends. They were celebrating 45 years of wedded bliss and what an interesting and lovely story theirs was! All up it was a wonderful day, albeit rather warm!



Commitment Ceremony

Currently Australian law prohibits marriage between same sex couples, but there is nothing to stop you having a Commitment Ceremony instead! As with Renewal of Vows ceremonies, there are no legalities involved, but Commitment ceremonies are just as beautiful and meaningful as weddings. Of course, this type of ceremony is not limited to same sex couples alone. Heterosexual couples also enjoy Commitment ceremonies, particularly if they have already been legally married - possibly overseas - but would now like to celebrate with their family and friends! Whatever your reason may be, a Commitment ceremony could be just what you've been looking for.

All couples holding a Commitment Ceremony will receive a Certificate of Commitment and Presentation Copy of their ceremony, as well as being provided with the use of a signing table, cloth, chairs and attractive pen; plus the use of a PA system (with built-in USB and bluetooth facilities) for your favourite songs. But as with all the ceremonies I provide, don't limit yourself to pre-recorded music - be as creative as you like - guitar, keyboard, bagpipes, rock band, pan flute, the choices are endless!

My fee for a Commitment ceremony, within 30 kms of Toowoomba, is $550. (Rehearsals are extra.)

Marco and Luke (pictured) chose the beautiful Spicers Hidden Vale for their Commitment ceremony in August 2013 and wasn't that an extravaganza!! Guests were treated to a weekend of activities and fun, including fireworks after the reception! You really know how to throw a party, boys!



Let me, Collette Rooney - Toowoomba Celebrant, help you create a ceremony like no other - just for you!