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Some couples are in a situation where one partner is an Australian citizen/resident and the other is a foreign national. As part of the Australian citizen/resident's Prospective Marriage Visa Application to bring their partner to Australia to be married, the Australian Government requires confirmation from a Celebrant that the couple intends to be married here.

This is provided by a Celebrant, in the form of a letter, stating that the Celebrant has received a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' (NOIM) form from the couple, and the Celebrant is willing and available to conduct their wedding on a particular date.

The process for provision of this letter is initially the same as if it were a couple from Australia. The partner living in Australia would meet with the Celebrant, sign a contract with that Celebrant booking the Celebrant's services, pay a non-refundable booking fee and provide all relevant birth certificates, divorce/death certificates, photo identification, etc. Using those details, the NOIM would be lodged with the Celebrant. Once this is done, a letter would then be supplied to the client (advising that a NOIM has been lodged with the Celebrant), for forwarding on to the relevant government department.

My fee for supplying this letter is $50.

Please Note: that the marriage between a foreign national and an Australian citizen/resident does not mean that the foreign national is automatically granted residency in Australia. That is a totally different process.

If the foreign national is granted a Prospective Marriage Visa by the Australian government and does get married here, they may then apply to the Australian government to remain permanently in Australia. (See